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Retrieve all your frequent usernames and passwords stored by Google Chrome
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As most other high-end Internet browsers, Google Chrome can store your most used log-in details so that you don’t need to type them in every time you enter those sites you visit more often. Leaving Chrome remembering your usernames and passwords for you may make you forget them, though, and there is where SterJo Chrome Passwords comes to the rescue. This tiny free tool will retrieve any username and password associated with a given URL provided that you’ve set the browser to save your passwords and you’ve logged into that site at least once using Chrome.

A simple and straightforward functionality usually means an equally simple and straightforward GUI. SterJo Chrome Passwords comes in a one-window interface with just the right buttons you need to retrieve all your Chrome log-in details and save them as an HTML or CSV file. A “Refresh” button will let you update the list at any time, and by right-clicking on any of the entries you’ll have the chance to save the URL, the username, the password, or the entire row to the Windows clipboard. You will also be informed about the times you’ve used that password and the date and time it was created.

That’s all the functionality that this simple tool offers. If you happen to be a Chrome user and if keeping all your usernames and passwords stored somewhere on your hard drive doesn’t upset you, this free tool can come in really handy on more than one occasion. Having it installed on your desktop won’t cost you anything and it won’t take up nearly any of your computer’s resources.

Francisco Martínez
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  • One-click password retrieval
  • Saves data to HTML and CSV formats


  • Setting up Chrome to save your log-in details may carry privacy risks
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